Application Areas


1.  Biological medicine
 Fat emulsions, vaccines, injection, antibiotics, medicine emulsion, medicine cream, microcapsule emulsification,  cells broken, organization homogenate, micro ball and so on.
2.  Cosmetic products
 Cleansing cream, bath dew, shampoo, cream, protect skin lotion, cosmetics, cleaner, soap, daily essence, etc.
3.  Food industry
 Liquid milk, milk beverage, dairy products, tea drink, juice, ketchup, peanut butter, conserve, ice cream, jelly,  pudding, chocolate, soy milk, functional drinks, beer, spices, food additive, etc.
4.  Petroleum chemical industry
Lubricating Oil, emulsified heavy oil, diesel oil emulsion, modified asphalt, emulsified asphalt, coal water slurry,  catalyst and so on.
5.  The new energy
 Lithium battery, the lead-acid battery, super capacitor, photovoltaic cells, etc.
6.  Textile auxiliaries
 Dyes, silicone oil emulsion, paste, army dye, textile finishing agent, brightener, leather auxiliaries etc.
7.  Chemical fiber
 Slurry, spandex, aramid fiber, filament, staple fiber, microfiber, viscose, high-strength fibers, acrylic fibers etc.
8.  Coatings and inks
 Printing inks, latex paints, architectural coatings, nano coatings, photocureable  coatings, paint additives, carbon  black dispersion, automotive paint, enamel, pad-ink, ink,bentonite, pigments, insulation materials, copper clad  laminate coating, glass fiber infiltrating agents.
9.  Pesticides
 Water emulsions, micro emulsions, suspensions, microcapsules, seed coating, pesticides additives, pesticides,  herbicides, fertilizers etc.
10.  Nano-materials
Fumed silica, ultrafine titanium dioxide, Ultrafine aluminum oxide etc.
11.  Papermaking
 Pulping, dispersing rosin, paper making additive, Rosin and resin emulsion, paraffin emulsion and so on.
12.  Fine chemistry industry
 Plastic additive, spices scattered, adhesive, resin emulsion, Modified emulsified asphalt, hot melt adhesive,  encapsulant, glue, surfactant, Carbon black dispersion, adhesion preventives, parting agent, fluorine cleaning  agent, pigment paste, germicide, flocculating agent, coagulant, silicon cleaning agent, lighting materials and so  on.
13.  Reaction and extraction
 Online reaction, micro reactor, Line extraction, polymer synthesis, polym
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